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    Affirmational Leadership (AL) is both a methodology and a philosophy that brings structure and definition to those seeking the path of leadership excellence in the 21st Century.

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Kansas City Leadership ConsultingAffirmational Leadership enables systems to inspire their associates and teams to greater performance by identifying and affirming the natural preferred styles that represents the new diversity in the workplace.  And in doing so, AL magnifies both the satisfaction and motivation in whatever enterprise is at hand.By bringing together the latest discoveries in cognitive science and human behavior AL reconciles the apparent conflict found in the principles of “the law of diminishing return” and the opposing concept of Gestalt – “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”

AL started with the premise that more can be derived from individuals and systems when leadership identifies, affirms and engages the strengths and preferences of the people available to the enterprise.  If payroll costs represent more than 50% of system expenses one can ill afford to ignore any process that shows between 10 and 20 percent improvement in associate productivity and satisfaction.

Giving You a Competitive Advantage – in the race to acquire and maintain the very best work team.

  • Bring your team closer together.
  • Make work fun again.
  • Discover and develop new talents in your team.
  • Communicate with a new language of appreciation.